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[Written August 20, 2002, WIP]

Galadriel Naos took the ancient wooden steps one at a time, thudding down with both feet, enjoying the noise she was creating, and the faint buzzing sensation that shot it’s way up both legs every time she landed. thud. thud. thud. She came at last to the final step and was disappointed at the hollow bang her feet made as they connected with the wooden floor.
She looked up to see her uncle Lemos looming over her, an expression of disapproval on his face.
“What have I told you about that?”
The nine-year old grinned up at him through white-blonde hair and gave a prompt answer.
“That it’s unladylike and inappropriate for me to do such a thing, so please refrain from any future re-occurrence.”
The disapproving look disappeared as Lemos bent down and hugged his niece for a moment before releasing her.
“And how many times have I told you that?”
Light blue eyes unfocused for the briefest of seconds before the child answered.
“Two hundred and twenty-seven times since my fifth birthday.”
Lemos sighed. The child was honestly too smart for her own good.
Allison, would you have abandoned her so readily if you’d known she’d turn out this way?
“Well, make it two hundred and twenty-eight. Your breakfast is in the dining room, gathering dust. I suggest you go eat.”
Galadriel frowned at him.
“I want to go outside.”
“We’ve discussed this before. Not now. Go eat.”
The child ignored him and began to move past him towards the door that lead to the large gardens on the estate.
He moved to grab her blouse sleeve, but she slipped past him surprisingly quick and began to turn the bolt.
There was no response as the child finished turning the bolt and began to pull the door open. Lemos made no move to stop her now - it would turn out the same way it always did. He wondered sometimes why he let himself be drawn into this little game every morning.
Galadriel yanked as hard as she could on the heavy door and managed to open it enough to peer outside. Her eyes were immediately assaulted by a blinding light, and she let out a yelp of pain as she jumped back, allowing the door to slam shut. Lemos shook his head, then crossed over to her and knelt. He raised one hand, two fingers up.
“ ‘Driel? How many fingers am I holding up?”
“I don’t know.” The child’s voice was tinged with pain and anger. “I can’t see.”
“Give it a moment. I’ve told you, dusk is when you’re allowed out. Not before.”
“Why not?”
“I can’t explain that to you now. When you’re older-”
“It’s always when I’m older!” The child cried as she whirled away from him. “And you’re holding up two fingers, pinky and ring on your right hand.”
Lemos smiled. “At least you can see now. Go eat your breakfast, ‘Driel.”
Galadriel stalked off to the dining room as he stood, watching her.
Damn you Allison, for leaving it to me to tell her.