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Name:Galadriel Naos
Birthdate:Nov 12
* Nine year old vampire/human hybrid, with straight white-blonde hair halfway down her back, light blue eyes. She looks a year or so younger than she actually is.

* Has a small set of fangs on her upper jaw; they don't retract. Doesn't need to ingest blood to survive or heal, though this may change as she gets older. Currently heals at the rate of a normal human child.

* Her favorite foods are mostly junk food: sugary cereal, cupcakes, ice cream.

* She doesn't burn if exposed to sunlight, but she can't see in it; she's effectively blind. However, if she wears sunglasses with a dark enough tint, she can see okay. Dusk and night vision is excellent.

* Strength and speed are average for a human of her age. Although her hearing is above average, it's still less than other vampires.

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